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Sage Delio is an American composer, fine artist, video game developer, and voice actor best known for her eclectic musical recordings and surreal portraiture works. She was born on October 30th 1985 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Sage started painting at the age of 4, with her first solo exhibition by age 10. Sage works mainly in the medium of inks and seeks to expand what it means to be a new media artist, mixing traditional painting with computer simulated watercolors, oils, and acrylics. Her most recent work is focused on algorithms and the cultural ideals of beauty. She says, “I tend to take the point of view of an observer, with subjects being what I see or dream."

2021 Artist Choice VI Exhibition, Camelback Gallery (Online, Scottsdale, AZ) *
2021 “Abstracts” Art Exhibition, LST Gallery (Online, Palm Springs, CA) *
2021 “CityScapes” Art Exhibition, LST Gallery (Online, Palm Springs, CA) *
2020 Ludum Dare 46 (Online) *
2019 Ludum Dare 45 (Online) *
* Award Winner

2021: Silver Award, Camelback Gallery — Woman in Dress
2021: Special Recognition Award, LST Gallery — Transcendence
2021: Special Recognition Award, LST Gallery — City of Smog
2020: Top 3% in the "Theme" category at Ludum Dare 46 — VITAL 2020
2019: Top 8% for "Innovation" at Ludum Dare 45 — Return To Nothing

Her music is recorded under Sage Delio and other various projects, spanning a wide variety of genres. You can find more information from Siphon Records (siphonrecords.com).

Sage is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.